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8 Best Places to live in Abuja and why you should consider them

There is no better place to live in Nigeria than the affluent city of Abuja. A place of goodness, authority and high-class lifestyle.

In Nigeria, Abuja is the seat of the federal government. This causes a lot of attraction; many people trooping in daily. Not just to see its amazing white city gate and high rising buildings but, to partake of the many other things the amazing city has to offer. 

From federal jobs to the possibility of meeting top government officials and attending so high brow events, living in Abuja is the dream. 

And that’s exactly what you want to do; live in Abuja but where in Abuja is the question. 

Being a small city on the map of Nigeria does not change the fact that the city offers countless opportunities; both areas close to Central Business District and areas close to its neighbouring states. 

There are a countless number of options for you. As a newcomer or someone looking to move from one local government or environment to another, here are our best 8 options for you.

1. Asokoro.

One word; amazing! This area which is situated towards the end of Abuja that shares a border with Nasarawa, is known for three things: good roads, amazing houses and top government officials.  

Asokoro is one of the oldest places in Abuja, it is known to house the premier members of the society and majority of the government houses of other states in Nigeria are situated here as well embassies of other countries and offices of organizations such as ECOWAS and WHO.

Also, the road network it provides is enough to entice you to move here especially if you have a car. Flooding almost never occurs there as a result of its well-constructed roads and drainages.

However, you need an insane amount of money to buy your dream house here. it’s advisable you choose you house payment plan wisely. Houses and lands can go for as high as 1 billion and a place for rent going at 13 million.  

We can always help you find a house that suits your budget.

Leafy Maitama is an upscale area of grand embassy buildings and chic hotels. Fine eateries offer global cuisine and Nigerian staples such as jollof rice, and sleek lounges serve cocktails. Shopping includes high-end boutiques at Dunes Center and produces stalls at Maitama Farmers Market. The landscaped Millennium Park has tree-lined paths, while Sarius Palmetum is home to indigenous plants and palms.

2. Maitama.

Known for its peaceful environments and secured estates, Maitama is one of the best places to live in Abuja for you. 

Its upscale area of grand embassy building and chic hotels are always very visible at night. Excellent eateries that will enable you to sample the best cuisine in Nigeria especially the ever-ready Naija Jollof.

If you are a lover of nature, her landscaped millennium park lined with trees will satisfy you. 

Love sport too? Maitan has lots of recreational spots like bars, clubs, amazing restaurants (check out Dunes if you can) and even parks for the kids, you will love it.

However, like its elder brother Asokoro, it is an expensive place to stay. With flats renting out at an average price of 12million per year, you better be coming with deep pockets if you want to stay in this district.

3. Gwarimpa.

It’s more affordable than Maitama and Asokoro.

Roads are done perfectly, close proximity to popular areas like Jabi, kado estate and katampe from there. It has schools even street lights, making it quite safe for a night stroll. 

However, some districts are less expensive than some so, even if you find houses that are beyond your reach financially, there are other areas still in Gwarimpa that you find cheap houses for sale or a place for rent. 

With its price range (you can get a two-bedroom accommodation starting at 800,000), it is one of the best places to live in Abuja for people who want to mix with the upper class, have access to good roads and standard security and not have to pay through their sweat for the accommodation while doing so.

 It is a win-win situation for you. you get to safe money and live the perfect life you want.

4. Katampe.

One of the newest districts in Abuja, Katampe is still developing. 

It has two districts; Main Katampe in the south and Katampe extension in the north. It is a quiet environment.

 One of the things that put it on the list of best places to live in Abuja is the security; the entrances to Katampe are limited making the district, not a porous one. 

With its price range, it only admits those who are ready for serious business. Its close proximity to Gwarimpa makes it easy for you if you ever want to go to a local market or shops. 

Mainly a residential area, it also has amazing schools for your kids as well so, you can check that off your list of reservations. 

Hotels and restaurants that come with their own gyms are in the area in case you are a fan of keeping fit.

5. Wuye .

Just 10 years ago, Wuye looked like large farmland and today, it is where even I want to stay. 

The serene environment, amazing roads and street lights, easy accessibility to Wuse and Jabi, Wuye is another option you should seriously consider. 

Aside from its wide roads, its also a new area with high rise commercial building, imperial residential areas, new amenities and fast-growing middle-class neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, security isn’t a concern in Wuye. It is truly one of the best places to live in Abuja.

6. Wuse.

Another area you should  look at, especially if you do not want to live at any end of the city (that could be your preference). 

Majority of the houses in Wuse are not new, having been in existence for a while but they are in good shape. 

It is divided into different zones with Wuse 2 being the most popular. One of the busiest districts in Abuja, it also offers a sweet range of restaurants and hangout joints so, if this is a consideration for you, you have a winner. Gaming places like Trukadero are also there for you to chill and have fun. 

Although Wuse is not as safe as some other Abuja district, it has become quite porous in the last years but it is easy to connect to other places like CBD, Maitama and even Jabi from here. 

The rent is not as fair as that in Gwarimpa but, if you keep on searching, you will be able to find cheap houses for sale or rent.

7. Jabi.

With its good roads and the famous Jabi lake mall as your neighbour, Jabi is another great option. 

The places for rent here are not so expensive, so you calm down. Light is pretty decent; houses are mostly old but well maintained.

 It houses a great park, nice restaurants like coco café and the Jabi boat club. If you ever need to relax, these sites will just be 5 minutes drive away from your house. 

8. Lugbe.

Most people would not add this here but, I did. Here is why. 

Lugbe is one of the best places in Abuja to find cheap houses for sale or, rent a house that is not pricey at all and is still quite close to the Central area.  There is the problem of security but, if you have a strong gate, fence and a good agreement with your neighbours to hire security guards to patrol at night, you can sleep better. 

Now, the roads are not so good but they are very connected. The Federal Housing Area (FHA) is the best place for you in Lugbe as well as other estates like Trademore estate and River park. 

If these areas listed above is way above your budget but you still want somewhere close to town and offering easy access to markets, some nice schools (Premier Academy is situated in Lugbe) and even a court, Lugbe is your best bet.


There you go, the best places to live in Abuja. Don’t forget to do your due diligence before renting or buying a residential or commercial property in Abuja. We do not want you to lose your money.

Harlet is always here to help you secure the best property in Abuja for both commercial and residential purpose. 

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