cost of building a 3bed room flat in Benin City

Cost of building a 3 bedroom flat in Benin city

The cost of building a 3 bedroom flat in Benin City is quite affordable compared to what is obtainable in other developing cities in Nigeria.

Owning your own house is one major dream of everyone including you and me, especially in Benin city.

Considering the infrastructural transformation and demand for residential apartments in Benin City, you will cash out big if you decide to invest in real estate.

Quick note.

I want you to understand and put it at the back of your mind that the prices below may vary according to season, manpower, inflation and deflation rate and your own style.


I will assume you already have a land somewhere where are looking forward to building your property on. If you don’t, no stress.  We can always get one for you. Just contact us and we will reach out.

Also, you have acquired the right document required for property transfer and ownership in Benin City.

What are the specifications of our 3bedroom flat/bungalow.

  • 3 bedroom of 3600m x 3600
  • 3 toilets
  • 1 kitchen 
  • 1 store ( very optional if the kitchen if big enough.
  • 1 dining room
  • 1 living room

The only constant above is the number of bedrooms(3) . The others will change based on our clients preference. For instance some of our clients prefer to have 2 toilets, some with no funny at all.

We will help you come up with some perfect  house plan that’s suites your style and budget. Contact is to get started.

The cost of laying the foundation of a four bedroom flat in Benin city

The cost of laying the foundation of your house in Benin city will be affected by the area, topography and contractor experience.

Here’s some of the cost we are sure of.

  • Setting out: NGN80,000
  • Excavation: NGN70,000
  • Foundation footing: NGN70,000
  • Foundation wall: NGN400,000
  • German concrete: NGN600,000

Leaving the total cost of your Benin city house foundation at NGN1,010,000

Cost of the super structure

After the foundation, it’s time to create the super structure. This is the stage where take the building up to the details roofing level. 

Mostly, in Nigeria, the most important work here is adding blocks upon blocks. 


  • Blockwork (3m high): NGN800,000. If you buying blocks, it’s a lot more expensive compared to moulding your own
  • Lantal | head course | concrete facials: NGN400,000

total cost of super structure equals NGN1,200,000

It’s important to note. The higher the block work, the more money you will spend.

The cost of roofing 

Roofing sheets and ceiling cost varies based on your choice, budget and the skill level of those your employed to work for you . 

The roofing cost, is the most expensive cost when building a 3bedroom flat in Benin City.


  • Roof truss : NGN450,000 including workmanship 
  • Roofing sheets : NGN300,000 ( long span roofing sheet)
  • PVC ceiling : NGN300,000 ( using POP fittings will increase the price)

Total cost of roofing a 3bed room flat is NGN1,200,000

Cost of finishing 

This is the most interesting part of building your 3bed room flat in benin city. you will be able to choose your own type of windows, doors, floor tiles, paintings e.t.c.


  • Rendering(plastering): NGN550,000
  • Floor tiles : NGN450,000
  • Painting: NGN400,000
  • Windows including fittings: NGN300,00
  • Doors: NGN300,000

Total cost of finishing your 3bed room bungalow = NGN2,000,000 plus a little miscellaneous just in case anything breaks.

From the above we can now estimated the cost of building a 3 bedroom flat is being city is between NGN5,410,000 – NGN7,000,000.

The above figure is only and estimated cost. The cost will change if you are someone with very high expectations and taste. 

As at the time of writing this article, the above amount holds true and valid. 

Do you want to build a house in Benin city? Or do you have questions regarding real estate investment? Contact us today and get a free estimate of your next building project in Benin city.

We respond to every mail personally and on time. 

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